Akatsuki Ring
Sasori (Steel)




Sasori Ring

Authentic Sasori Ring worn by Sasori of the Red Sand ( サソリ ), the powerful S-rank missing-nin from Sunagakure’s Puppet Brigade (Village Hidden by Sand). 

High-Quality Sasori Akatsuki Ring made of Brushed Steel with the  symbol (lit. “gyoku”) meaning “jewel” and “ball” engraved on it.

This Sasori Ring is meant to be worn as proof of your membership to the Akatsuki clan on the left thumb.

  • An essential for any Sasori Cosplay
  • Premium Brushed Steel: High-Purity Zinc alloy
  • One-Size: ~1,9 cm diameter
  • Authentic design with outstanding details
  • Free Shipping Worldwide


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Sasori (Steel)”

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