How Old is Himawari?


New little Byakugan princess of the Uzumaki clan, Himawari is the daughter of Naruto and Hinata and the little sister of Boruto which we already dedicated our previous thread called how old is Boruto.

Hinata is the new phenomenon of the show as lots of fans are asking themselves what this still yet to come for this amazing character when she will start to train as a shinobi.

But for today, that’s not the subject of this article. If you’re here is because you want to know how old is Himawari right ?

Himawari Uzumaki’s age is currently 10 years old in the Boruto series, she’s 2 years younger than her older brother Boruto and is starting to go to the academy to become a ninja.

But let’s focus together on how old is Himawari Uzumaki in the different timelines that we know for now.


According to official sources left by Masashi Kishimoto’s team, as Himawari is two years younger than her brother, she will be 14 years old at the time when Boruto will be fighting his friend Kawaki in the future.


How old is Boruto?


New star of his own show, Boruto Uzumaki finally takes the lead of the Naruto Saga with his new anime Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. That’s why in this article, we will reveal like we did for her mother with our article how old is Hinata, the answer to one of the most frequently asked questions by our readers, how old is Boruto?

Boruto’s age is currently 12 years old, more or the same age that his father at the beginning of the manga Naruto. Boruto offices as team member of the new Team 7 under the commands of Konohamaru Sensei and alongside Sarada Uchiha and Mitsuki.

But let’s focus together on what is Boruto’s age on the different timelines that we know for now.


The manga is still at the very beginning of its plot, so the age of the main protagonist has not changed and Boruto Uzumaki is still 12 years old at the moment. We will come back to the subject later when the manga is well advanced.


According to official sources left by Masashi Kishimoto’s team, Boruto is 16 years old in the future when he fights against Kawaki.

We all discovered it at the same time, this monstrous cliffhanger at the very beginning of the 1st episode of the anime Boruto unveiling Boruto Uzumaki in the Future in a completely devastated Hidden Leaf Village setting and getting ready to fight his rival Kawaki.

You too are impatient to see the Boruto vs Kawaki arc? Then check out this wonderful trailer in preview with us!


What Episode Does Neji Die?


If you’re looking for where and when Neji Death took place, you’ve come to the right place young shinobis! Today, we are going to reveal you everything there is to know about Neji Hyuga Death and the consequences that it did have on the main plot. 

But first, if you have clicked on this article, it’s because you want to know the what episode does Neji die, isn’t that right?

Well, Neji dies in episode 364 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime called The Ties That Bind” (繋がれるものTsunagareru Mono) killed by the Ten Tailed Beast and saving Naruto and Hinata from a certain death during the 4th Shinobi War.

But for those of you who would like to know more about the real circumstances of his death, you surely have many other questions like:

  • How did Neji die
  • Does Neji die in Naruto Shippuden
  • Does Neji come back to life
  • Is Neji dead

If any of these questions bother you, we’ve written an amazing article explaining everything that happened during all the previous episodes so that you can have all the details on how does did Neji die.

Interested? Great! So let’s find it together!


So, here is a very complete article explaining how does Neji die in the Naruto Shippuden manga.

In Episode 364, the Shinobi Alliance was ready to launch the assault on the trio Madara, Obito and the Ten Tailed Beast after placing them at the bottom of a hole.

Madara and Obito vs Shinobi Alliance

Under the orders of Shikaku Nara and his comrade Inoichi Yamanaka, the soldiers of the alliance were ordered to attack the two enemy protagonists head-on with all the most powerful jutsu techniques that they could use.

ninja alliance vs ten tails

Unfortunately for them, this simple idea did not produce any results. Indeed, Madara Uchiha is an excellent strategist and as he said:

“Taking the enemy’s brain is a fundamental strategy, but for that to work, they would need to take down the Ten Tails first”

As a result, despite the combination of attacks from several hundred Ninjas, Ten Tails managed to get out of this situation without any difficulty and counter-attacked, putting an end to the initial strategy and blowing up lots of ninjas in the process. For the information, the counter-attack was so powerful that Naruto had his shoulder dislocated

As the situation seemed to be becoming critical again, Shikaku discovered a new strategy and contacted Kakashi Hatake to retrieve essential information to confirm what he thought he knew about the current situation.

However, as the Ten Tailed Beast became more powerful and less easy to control, Madara and Obito strengthened their bond with Juubi using Hashirama Senju’s cells. There was no time to lose, if the Ten Tailed Beast became impossible to control, it could disturb their plan.

That is why they decided to take the next step and fully utilize Juubi’s power against the alliance. While Kakashi was transmitting information to Shikaku, he noticed that Ten Tails was preparing to attack with a Tailed Beast Bomb.

Unfortunately, his Kamui would never have been able to teleport such a large chakra mass in such a short period of time.

ten tails tailed beast bomb

Kakashi then asked an ally from the Hidden Stone Village to use an Earth Style Technique to disrupt Juubi’s balance and thus try to redirect the attack.

The ninja executed and managed to deflect the Tailed Beast’s attack at a significant distance from the army. However, the power of the attack released on the impact of the Tailed Beast Bomb was felt all the way to their location. If Kakashi had not reacted in time, they all would probably have perished.

Ten tailed beast bomb

Shikaku and Inoichi Death

Shikaku death

Although Madara and Obito’s plans seemed to be perfect at first glance, Ten Tails seemed to get more and more out of control and began to launch Tailed Beast Bombs all around the battlefield and began to hit many populated areas despite the great distance between them.

This situation made Shikaku Nara realize that Obito and Madara were destroying the motivation of the army soldiers by killing what they were fighting for, and he was right. Moments later, Juubi launched another Tailed Beast Bomb, but this time in the direction of General Headquarter where he was. There was no time to lose.

Inoichi connected Shikaku’s mind to all the ninjas still alive on the battlefield to give them his final instructions, his plan to stop Ten Tails.

Shikaku Plan

Shikaku plan

Shikaku enters in communication with Naruto at the point of the plot, as he shares his great Nara Plan. He explains that he told the entire alliance his plan already to gain some time. However, the entirety of the plan was not completely revealed to the reader just yet. 

The plan of Shikaku is simple, Naruto has to transfer his Tailed Beast chakra to the entire Shinobi Alliance to link every ninja to him. Then Chouji will play the role of tank on the the front line tank while Ino uses her jutsu to take control of Obito and slightly throw off Juubi’s attacks.

Furthermore, Shikamaru and his clan will use the Shadow Paralysing Jutsu technique on Ten Tails to immobilize it. Without forgetting that if anything goes wrong with this strategy, Shikamaru will have to take the lead and come up with the next steps when the time comes. 

In the end, with all the ninjas powered up with Naruto’s chakra, the alliance will try a huge attack on the villains to take them down. Unfortunately for them, the plan won’t go as planned, Obito, Madara, and Ten Tails are too strong to be taken down by the current Shinobi Alliance. That’s when Minato shows up, followed by the other Hokage alongside Sasuke Uchiha.

Why did Neji die?

Neji dies

Neji Hyuga died because he decided to protect Hinata and Naruto while they were about to get killed by Ten Tails’ attack during the 4th Shinobi War.

During the attack against Juubi, Obito and Madara ordered Ten Tails to use Wood Style: Cutting Sprigs Jutsu (木遁・挿し木の術­, Mokuton: Sashiki no Jutsu) against the alliance. This jutsu was powerful and incredibly deadly.

Naruto, whose chakra has almost gone after using too much Futon Rasen shuriken techniques was going to get killed until Neji stood in front of him and suffered from the attack instead of him.

Neji was seriously injured and his life was just about to end. That’s when Neji started to share his confessions to Naruto about the way he changed his life since their fight in Naruto 62 during the Chunin Exam.

Indeed, at that time, Neji explained to Naruto that he was cursed and bore a seal on his forehead, the Hyuga curse mark. This seal is here to force devotion the members of the low ranks branch of the Hyuga clan to the royal family. They have to do everything to protect them at the risk of their lives.

However, Neji always had a very bad experience of not being judged for the genius he was compared to Hinata. The tragic death of his father only strengthened his hatred and resentment until Naruto proved that even a failure could beat a genius by winning his fight against him.

When Naruto asked him why he had chosen to save him, Neji answered magnificently:

“Long ago, your words freed me from the shackles of fate.

By sacrificing himself to save Naruto, Neji felt the same freedom and feeling of relief that his father felt when he decided to sacrifice himself to save his brother’s life. Neji believed in Naruto strength and his ideals and preventing him from dying was his way to help him concretising those ideals, by “choosing to die in order to protect his comrades.” 

Why did Neji had to die?

neji dies

Neji didn’t have to die necessarily, but his sacrifice helped Naruto avoid a tragic death on the battlefield so that the Shinobi Alliance could win the war against Madara and Obito.

Despite the fact that Obito tried to turn the situation to his advantage by reminding Naruto of his words “I’ll never let my friend my friends“. Naruto, at first completely lost, was reassured by Hinata who explained to him that Neji’s death, although awful, should not demoralize him.

Indeed, with his death, Neji showed all the respect and devotion he had for Naruto’s ambitions and dreams and that he would rather perish than let these dreams stay dreams forever.

Thanks to these explanations, Naruto regained confidence in himself and drew all the reserve of Chakra that Kurama was collecting to go back to the assault of Obito and Madara!

Did Neji Die?

neji dying

Yes, Neji Hyuga does die in episode 364 of the Naruto: Shippūden and is still dead currently and won’t be resurrected. 


Neji Funeral

Neji Funeral

Neji Hyuga’s Funeral took place during the episode 479 of Naruto Shippuden called “Naruto Uzumaki!!” (うずまきナルト!!, Uzumaki Naruto!!), just after the end of the 4th Shinobi War.

Back to the village, the priority is to put every aspect of daily life back in order, and to do this, people need to mourn their deads. This is why a common funeral is arranged so that anyone can say its good-bye to his late ones. Shikamaru and Ino to their fathers and Hinata and Naruto to Neji.

Neji tomb

Rest in Piece Neji.

Which Naruto Character are you? (Quizz)

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Like many shonen series, Naruto features a huge cast of characters. There’s bound to be someone you’ll like. Perhaps you will like the tragic character Neji, who is trying to escape the fate of his clan.

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How old is Hinata ?


Definitely one of best female anime character of all time, after learning the last time how old is Sakura, today we are going to focus on the evolution of the Byakugan Princess and learn together how old is Hinata ?

Hinata’s age is currently 31 years, she’s the mother of Boruto and Himawari Uzumaki and is the wife of the Seventh Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki.

But let’s focus together on what is Hinata’s age during all the different seasons of the manga, shall we?



From its birth, the path of Hinata Hyuga seemed to be all mapped out. Born in the Main House of the Hyuga Clan, Hinata was destined to become the successor to the clan chief’s position held at the time by her father, Hiashi Hyuga.

However, Hinata never demonstrated the confidence she should have had to assume such responsibilities. Despite her hard efforts, Hinata always seemed to lag behind her cousin, Neji Hyuga, a young prodigy who unfortunately was born in the Branch House and therefore could never have become the leader of her clan.

But let’s go back to the main subject of the article and discover together how old is Hinata Hyuga in the different seasons of the manga:



Hinata Hyuga’s age in Naruto Season 1 was 12-13 years old at the beginning of the manga. She was joining the Academy of Ninja of Konogakure with her cousin, Neji Hyuga, to learn how to become a true Shinobi.

At that time, Hinata Hyuga was a very shy girl who who hardly ever spoke to anyone because of her lack of confidence. But, fortunately for her, she handed up in the same classroom of the crush, Naruto Uzumaki, that she did already meet few years earlier when she went out alone on the streets.



Just like her cousin and most of her friends, Hinata Hyuga’s age in Naruto Shippuden was around 16 years old when the second part of the manga started.

Unlike the main characters, we don’t really know what Hinata did during the 3 years that separates Naruto season 1 from Shippuden. We imagine that she had to train intensely with her cousin to perfect the mastery of her Byakugan eyes. 


how old is hinata hyuga in boruto


Adult Hinata’s age in Boruto is around 31 years old, she’s just a bit younger than her husband, Naruto Uzumaki.

After Hinata has been saved by Naruto Uzumaki in the movie Naruto The Last, they really felt in love and decided to get married. In the manga Boruto, Hinata has forget her Ninja role to become a mother and a housewife to help her husband to be at his best as the Seventh Hokage.

When is Hinata’s Birthday ?

When is Hinata's Birthday

Hinata Hyuga’s Birthday is December 27th according to the information that we have from Masashi Kishimoto. So there is no reason for you to forget to wish her a Happy Birthday now!

That’s it for today, folks. You now know more precisely the official chronology of Hinata Age ! Don’t hesitate check out our amazing Hinata Merch collection if you want to support your favorite female naruto character! 

How old is Sakura ?


Here we are again folks for another thread about about another female character of the Naruto series. After learning how old is Sasuke in our previous thread, this time we are going to analyse his wife’s evolution to learn how old is Sakura ?

Sakura’s age is now 33 years, she’s the mother of Sarada Uchiha and is officing as the chief of the Hospital of the Hidden Leaf.

But that’s not why you’re here right? You want to know Sakura age during all the different arcs of the manga, so let’s find out together!


sakura haruno age

At the beginning of the manga, we discover the little Sakura Haruno, a little girl who’s living with both her parents and had terrible lack of confidence because she’s mocked by all the others kids for having a too big forehead. 

She later finds Ino Yamanaka, another female character, with whom she will become best friend with and will learn to have better esteem of herself. 

But let’s get back to the subject and find out how old is Sakura Haruno in the different arcs of the manga:



Sakura Haruno’s age in Season 1 was 12-13 years old at the beginning of the manga. Like her comrades, she was joining the Academy in order to become a Kunoichi (female ninja).

At that time, Sakura Haruno was a very childish character. Always in competition with her no longer best friend, Ino, to win Sasuke’s Uchiha heart, she was a brillant student but was lacking a lot of confidence on herself. 



Just like her comrades of Team 7, Sakura Haruno age in Naruto Shippuden was around 15-17 years old when the second part of the manga started.

During the 3 years that separates Naruto season 1 from Shippuden, Sakura Haruno has been training everyday under the teaching of the famous Tsunade Senju in order to become a true Medical Ninja. Sakura’s have had enough to feel completely useless on the battlefield so she decided to find her path on becoming an important asset for his team members. 



Adult Sakura’s age in Boruto is around 32-33 years old, more or less the same age that her comrades Naruto and Sasuke.

Sakura has taken the lead of the Hospital of the Hidden Leaf and helps the city by healing sick and wounded villagers. She’s raising her daughter, Sarada Uchiha, alone due to the fact that her husband, Sasuke Uchiha, is most of the time in duty outside of the village.

When is Sakura’s Birthday ?

When is Sakura's Birthday

Sakura Haruno’s Birthday is March 28th according to the information that we have from Masashi Kishimoto. So there is no reason for you to forget to wish her a Happy Birthday now!

That’s it for today, folks. You now know more precisely the official chronology of Sakura Age ! Don’t hesitate check out our amazing Sakura Merch collection if you want to support your favorite female naruto character! 

How old is Sasuke ?


Welcome back guys, succeeding our previous article about how old is Naruto, today we answer a very requested question that all fans of the Uchiha Clan must have asked themselves one day, how old is Sasuke?

Sasuke’s age is now 33 years and, as the manga Boruto is still being produced, his age will continue to evolve as well.

So stay tuned, in this article we give you all the information that you need to follow the evolution of Sasuke Age, the survivor the Uchiha Clan! 


how old is sasuke uchiha

The beginning of the manga Naruto begins with Sasuke being just a little baby as the Nine-Tailed Beast attacks the Hidden Leaf Village (Konohagakure). But let’s get back to the basics to find out how old is Sasuke Uchiha in the different arcs of the manga:


how old is sasuke in naruto

Sasuke Uchiha age was 12-13 years old at the beginning of the manga Naruto when all the main characters joined the Academy to become Ninjas.

At that time, Sasuke Uchiha was in a rebellion against himself for being the only Uchiha clan member who survived the massacre that his older brother perpetrated. Because of that, Sasuke started to dedicate his life to become stronger to be able, one day, to take his revenge against the one person who destroyed his life. 



Just like his rival, Sasuke Uchiha age in Naruto Shippuden was around 16-17 years old when the second part of the manga started.

Sasuke had just spent 3 years training in one of Orochimaru’s lairs in order to learn how to control the powers of his curse mark and thus be able to compete with his older brother. It is also at the very beginning of this manga that Sasuke finds Naruto and Sakura, on a mission to rescue him.


how old is sasuke in boruto

Adult Sasuke’s age in Boruto is around 32-33 years old, the same age that he share with his best friend, Naruto.

Now that Sasuke has been pardoned for his serious crime against the Hidden Leaf, Sasuke has decided to fulfill a journey of atonement in order to wash his sins. During several years, he has helped Naruto protecting de village from the outside and researching tracks of the Otsutsuki Clan.

When is Sasuke Birthday ?

when is sasuke birthday

Sasuke Uchiha’s Birthday is July 23th according to the information that we have from Masashi Kishimoto. So don’t forget to wish him a Happy Birthday!

That’s it for today, folks. You now know more precisely the official chronology of Sasuke Uchiha Age ! Don’t hesitate to tell us in the comments if we omitted to tell you about a period you would like to have more information about and to check out our amazing Sasuke Merch collection! 

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25 Facts about Naruto and Sasuke that all fans should know !

Naruto and Sasuke

You love them and you’ve been following their journey since the beginning of the Naruto Series, today Naruto Merchandise® is unraveling for you the 25 most important facts about Naruto and Sasuke that any fan of the manga should know about them!

Naruto and Sasuke are the main protagonists of the mangas and animes Naruto and Naruto Shippuden and appear to be friends, rivals and ennemies for each other.

Are you ready ? Great, here are the 25 most amazing facts about Naruto and Sasuke !

25. They didn’t like each other from the beginning

naruto meets sasuke

It’s no secret to any fan that the relationship between Naruto and Sasuke clearly didn’t start off on the right foot.

Since their first meeting at the academy, the popularity of the young Uchiha did not leave the main protagonist of the work of Masashi Kishimoto indifferent. Particularly jealous of the admiration of the girls towards Sasuke at the Ninja Academy and of his disconcerting ease in class, Naruto couldn’t stand feeling inferior and took a malicious pleasure in regularly rebelling against him in order to feel acknowledged by his comrades. 

It is since this period that both protagonists started to feel eager against each other for their own reasons. Sasuke on his side thought that Naruto was just a failure and couldn’t accept him as a friend because of his quest of power to kill his older brother and avenge his clan, and Naruto on his side was so immature at the time that he couldn’t focus on other things than the superficial aspects of Sasuke’s reputation.

24. Their parents were victims of horrible tragedies

naruto x sasuke

Although there were lots of elements separating them as characters and despite their significant differences in their Ninja’s way, Naruto and Sasuke shared the same sad background during their childhood. 

Sasuke Parents Death

sasuke parents death

The impact of his parents death on the young Sasuke is much deeper than the manga might suggest. Indeed, the Uchiha, because of their deep nature that pushes them to feel emotions exponentially, turns each important event of their existence into an additional trigger in the awakening of their Dojutsu.

Indeed, when the young Sasuke realized the tragedy that had just occurred by the hands of the person he loved the most in the world is also the moment when he awakened the first stage of his Sharingan, the Sharingan with 1 Tomoe.

uchiha clan massacre

As explained in the various books written by Masashi Kishimoto, the Sharingan is a reflection of the soul of its owner and the more this pupil evolves, the more it means that the Uchiha who wears these eyes has gone through highly emotional events that pushed him into an endless loop of hatred, the famous “Curse of Hatred”.

Thus, this tragedy is the central element in the development of Sasuke Uchiha’s character and thus the main basis of all the choices he will make as the series progresses.

Naruto Parents Death

naruto parents death

Unlike Sasuke, Naruto was fortunate not to suffer from the horrible tragedy of seeing his parents die before his eyes

Naruto’s dad was the Fourth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf and also one of the most powerful Shinobi of his time. However, a horrible event occured the night that Naruto’s mom, Kushina Uzumaki, was giving birth to their child. 

Indeed, when a female Jinchuriki gives birth, the seal that seals the Tailed-Beast inside her body is weakened, which makes this kind of event very sensitive. Despite all of Minato’s precautions, a masked man managed to get inside the delivery room and steals the newborn from the midwife’s hands. 

After successfully tricking Minato, the masked man managed to recover the Nine Tailed Fox from Kushina’s body and used it to destroy Konohagakure, until Minato came back after taken his family to safety and defeated the main villain.

However, despite the great efforts of both parents, the end of the night was tragic and resulted in Minato’s Death as well as that of his wife Kushina, bravely saving their village from the threat, but unfortunately also leaving their child to grow up alone.

23. They shared the same loneliness of being orphans

naruto and sasuke alone

Although the two characters couldn’t stand each other at the time, this is one of the rare moments when Masashi Kishimoto offers us a symbolic vision of what the relationship between Sasuke and Naruto was really like. Two children, very different in temperament, but who were in reality two sides of the same coin.

naruto meets sasuke for the first time

The image you see above is a flashback from the final fight between the two protagonists at the end of Naruto and Sasuke Final fight of the Naruto Shippuden Series.

This staging where we can see each the two adult protagonists next to the younger version of their rival is a way to symbolize that, despite their eager against each other, they knew deep down in their hearts that they understood how each other felt.

naruto sasuke smile

It is also the first time that we can see Kid Sasuke and Kid Naruto smiling and feeling a sentiment of relief, acknowledging that they weren’t alone in their loneliness anymore. 

22. Both their families are cursed

cursed naruto

The Uchiha as well as the Uzumaki are families coming from an ancestral lineage of Ninjas dating back to the appearance of human beings on Earth. It is therefore interesting to realize that the two families also share the same fate.

The Uchiha Clan

uchiha clan

It is known that when an Uchiha is victim of tragic events, a special chakra is secreted in their brain and especially in their optic nerves. Therefore, every time a member of the Uchiha clan suffers from a highly emotional event like a loss of a relative for example, the power of their eyes increases as well as their pain. 

This circle of power and hatred is known as “Curse of Hatred” and is what makes the Uchiha clan so dangerous and fearless in combat. As Tobirama explained to Sasuke during the Fourth Shinobi War:

tobirama hates uchiha

“The Sharingan aligns with its owner’s feelings and quickly makes the ninja stronger, along with the hatred in their hearts.

Almost all the ones who experience strong feelings are captured by darkness and turn evil. The deeper the darkness becomes, the more powerful their eyes get, and it is impossible to handle them.”

The Uzumaki Clan

uzumaki clan

On their side, the members of the Uzumaki clan do not really possess a curse, but their very large amount of chakra and their predisposition to become hosts (Jinchuriki) made them victims of their own abilities.

This is why Naruto, along with his mother and ancestors, suffered enormously of being considered as weapons before being human beings first.

The Tailed-Beasts, object of conquest for many Hidden Villages, have also often made their hosts endure difficult situations where they became targets to capture by other nations, which made them live in seclusion from the other inhabitants.

21. Both them and their children didn’t want to be in the same team

team 7 picture

Although being all calculated by the Third Hokage, the creation of Team Kakashi, formerly named “Team 7”, raised a lot of nervousness among its members that wouldn’t accept to end up in the same team.

While Sasuke’s deepest goal was to become more powerful in order to avenge his clan, having a drag like Naruto unable to perform basic ninja actions went against the destiny he had set for himself.

His daughter, Sarada Uchiha, also went through this stage. Wanting to become the future Hokage and having Naruto as a model, joining a team in which she considered Boruto a dead point, was not acceptable and as far as asking the Hokage to change teams.

However, in the end, both of them acknowledged that this opportunity to teammate with their comrade will be help them to fulfill their goal and decided to give it a chance.

Like father like daughter ! 

20. They both were students of a Legendary Sannin

naruto jiraiya sasuke orochimaru

While Sasuke was excelling in every aspect of being a ninja, he was soon amazed at how fast Naruto seemed to get close to him.

In the Forest of Death, as Sasuke was about to get killed by Orochimaru’s snake, Naruto appeared blocking the attack of the huge creature and giving back the same pretentious words that Sasuke had said after saving him on their first mission in the Land of Waves.

naruto saves sasuke

Following this event, Sasuke realized that he was not progressing fast enough and took the decisive step of joining Orochimaru, one of the three legendary Sannin, to get his help on his quest for power.

It was also during this period that Naruto met his future mentor, Jiraiya, the 2nd Legendary Sannin of the Hidden Leaf who took Naruto as a student just as he took his father, Minato Namikaze, at the time.

Naruto, in his quest to bring Sasuke back to the village, followed Jiraiya for 2 years. 2 years where he followed his master’s instructions and became the experienced Shinobi that all fans found at the beginning of the Naruto Shippuden series.

19. Their masters were also rivals

jiraiya and orochimaru

Masashi Kishimoto has the strong habit of repeating himself in his work. Indeed, in the different episodes and chapters revealing the past of the 3 Legendary Sannin, we learned that the masters of the main heroes wew not very different from their students.

The genius, Orochimaru, and the good-for-nothing, Jiraiya, is more or less the same situation we discovered at the very beginning of the manga between Naruto and Sasuke.

This is probably one of the reasons why Naruto and Jiraiya have such a deep connection in their personalities. They both suffered from being considered inferior to their rival, from realizing that the girl they loved preferred the other guy and that their ambitions were never taken seriously by most people in the village.

But you as much as us, you know what happened in the end. The drags became important figures in their villages, and their words and actions changed the destinies of many who were lucky enough to cross their path. 

18. They can talk to each other’s heart in battle

6 paths naruto and sasuke

As Sasuke explained to Naruto during their first fight at the Final Valley, the powerful Ninjas can speak to each other’s heart by exchanging blows.

This is what we discovered during the various fights that the two main protagonists have been engaged in. During these moments, each one of them can express his ideas and wishes to their opponent in order to try to change the outcome of the confrontation.

However, the situation in which Sasuke Uchiha founded himself in during most of the Naruto series made it impossible to resolve the situation without a deadly combat. 

That’s what Sasuke sincerity revealed to his rival during their first real confrontation:

sasuke it's too late

“It’s too late, Naruto. It’s already too late, I can’t go back anymore.”

The evil path that Sasuke had chosen to follow was already engraved deep inside his heart and the only thing capable of quenching his thirst for hatred was his quest for power to take revenge on his brother.

17. They both acknowledged each other as their rival

sasuke acknowledges naruto

What is interesting to analyze is that the differences between Naruto and Sasuke did not prevent the young Uchiha from having strong feelings of friendship and rivalry for the main hero of the manga.

He knew it and felt it since their childhood, Naruto was the only one who could understand the situation he was in. He who had lost everything, from the hands of the person he loved most in the world, this utter feeling that drowned him in an ocean of hatred, only Naruto could understand it, and he knew it.

naruto talks to sasuke

16. Naruto is the first person that Sasuke considered as his closest friend

naruto and sasuke become friends

Sasuke had finally find someone who understood him. However, this didn’t mean good for Naruto. In fact, Sasuke’s goal and resolution at the time was to rip off all the strings that he had with his previous relations and Naruto was the strongest one.

Remembering the words of his older brother, Sasuke decided during the fight at the Valley of the End to destroy once and for all his ties with Naruto, whom he considered his closest friend.

Thinking that, once he would be alone, with no one important to prevent him from achieving his goal, he could acquire a power strong enough to take his revenge on Itachi.

15. Sasuke tried to kill Naruto several times

sasuke kills naruto

Closest friend yes, but with no compassion at all. Sasuke tried many times to end Naruto’s life to obtain the power of the Mangekyou Sharingan.

However, just as he had finally defeated his rival, Sasuke decided to abandon his plan to kill Naruto and thus not to give his brother the satisfaction to control his younger brother destiny. He was going to find a way to acquire the powers he needed on his own, no matter what.

But that didn’t stop him from scaring us several times, right?!

sasuke tries to kill naruto

During their reunion in one of the Hideouts of Orochimaru, Sasuke had been bathed in hatred and darkness for 2 years, and was no longer the Sasuke that Naruto and Sakura had known. His goal was clear and he wouldn’t let anyone get on his way.

After learning the truth about his brother, Sasuke set himself the goal to destroy Konohagakure in order to avenge his brother. That’s why he confronted the leader of the Anbu, Danzo Shimura, in a dead fight from which Sasuke emerged victorious thanks to Tobi’s help.

However, the arrival of the former Team 7 proved us again that Sasuke was still evil at the time. Like when Sakura, emotionally incapable of killing her lifelong love, was almost murdered by Sasuke and his Chidori except for Naruto’s intervention in extremis. 

sasuke kills sakura

Without the intervention of Tobi, who felt that Sasuke was unable to endure a second major combat, this situation would probably have turned into another death match between Naruto and Sasuke

14. Naruto never gave up on Sasuke

naruto saves sasuke

Though insulted, humiliated and almost killed by his rival lost inside the darkness of his heart, Naruto never gave up on Sasuke. Every day, the hero’s only goal was to save his best friend from the hands of his sordid fate. Why do you wonder? Simply because Naruto could have ended up just like Sasuke.

If you remember correctly, Naruto looked a lot like Sasuke when he was younger. He suffered greatly from the looks of hatred and disgust that the other residents of Hidden Leaf Village had for him.

iruka sensei

Without Iruka Sensei’s words, recognizing Naruto as a person and not as the demon who had killed his parents 12 years earlier, Naruto might very well have ended up like Sasuke, trapped in a cycle of hatred.

That’s why Naruto couldn’t abandon Sasuke, it would have been like abandoning himself the moment he needed help the most.

Furthermore, Naruto cherishes all the bonds that he creates. Leaving most of his life alone without any sibling made him desperately looking for something that was taken away from him because of his condition of Jinchuriki. Now that he thought that he had created a tie that would make him look at Sasuke as a brother, he couldn’t resolve himself to let this being destroyed by revenge.

13. They are the reincarnation and Symbolism of Brothers Rivalry

naruto reincarnation

If you’ve read or watched Naruto Shippuden’s story through to the end, you’ve discovered that the bond Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha share dates back to long before they were born.

Indeed, the Uchiha clan and the Uzumaki clan are the descendants of the lineages of the sons of Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki, Indra and Asura.

Indra Ōtsutsuki

indra otsutsuki

Indra Ōtsutsuki was the ancestor of the Uchiha, a shinobi who inherited the intelligence and the Ninjutsu powers of the Rikudo Sennin, but also his Dojutsu.

As explained previously, the Sharingan is a very special pupil whose powers reflect the curse inherited by all the owners of these eyes, a fate that any member of the Uchiha clan possesses and that comes from the destiny that they share with their ancestor, Indra.

Asura Ōtsutsuki

asura otsutsuki

Asura Ōtsutsuki was the ancestor of the Senju, a shinobi who inherited mostly from the teachings of the Rikudo Sennin, the Ninshū (忍宗, Literally meaning: Shinobi Sect).

The Ninshū was the religion created by Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki and were meant to give people a better understanding of themselves, as well as others, and lead the world into an era of peace. With that background, Asura grown up a Shinobi with a big heart and devotion to others well-being. 

Although he was the younger son of the God of the Shinobi, he will be then entrusted with the role of succeeding his father instead of his brother and this decision was the seed that sowed discord between the two brothers.

Feeling betrayed by the father he cherished and respected more than anything else, Indra fell into rebellion and decided to take revenge by confronting his brother on the battlefield. 

naruto and sasuke vs madara and hashirama

An identical situation to the one that Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju faced during the creation of Konohagakure, and a situation that repeats himself again between the two main characters of the manga, Naruto and Sasuke who are the reincarnation of Indra and Ashura.

12. They both lost an arm to prove their point

naruto sasuke arms blown off

Because what would be rivalry without a bit of mutilation?! At the end of Naruto Sasuke final fight, we find the two rivals lying on the ground, an arm blown off each.

This situation offered both protagonists the opportunity to convey their feelings to the other with their words rather than their fists. During many sequences, we can see Sasuke realizing that the path he had chosen was not necessarily the one he had imagined.

Being able to relive the memories of his rival, he also realizes that what Naruto wanted to create was far more valuable than the selfish feud he had been trying to wage all his life, and that he was very lucky to have such a friend to rely on.

He then will decide to not receive a hand prothesis cells as a punishment for his past actions.

11. Sasuke cried after hearing Naruto’s feelings at the gate of death

sasuke crying

This personal realization that Sasuke had just experienced during this magnificent episode and the endless friendship that Naruto carried towards him to the gates of death brought the most powerful Uchiha to tears.

He who had dedicated his life to destroy all the relationships he had created in order to finally be the sole master of the gloomy destiny he planned to bring to life, finally realized what was really important to him.

By realizing this, he was finally able to relieve his soul and become again worthy of the love that his older brother had for him.

naruto sasuke and sakura

The three members of the Team 7 can finally regroup again at the end of the episode, peacefully, thanks to Naruto actions and words. 

10. The eternal rivals finally became best friends

naruto and sasuke release infinite tsukuyomi

This beautiful image is from the end of the Naruto Shippuden series when Sasuke and Naruto perform the rat hand sign together to release the Infinite Tsukuyomi. This event marks the end of the Fourth Shinobi War and the quarrel between Naruto and Sasuke that can finally become best friends after so many years.

Back at the village, Sasuke is put under very high surveillance by the authorities until his sentence is pronounced. Meanwhile, Naruto rests in the hospital and is stunned to discover that Kakashi has been crowned Sixth Hokage.

Finally, the verdict is in and Sasuke will not be executed, thanks to the testimonies of Kakashi and Naruto. Sasuke is thus forgiven for all his actions against the Hidden Leaf Village and is released from his chains.

He then will decide to take a road of atonement alone in order to find himself and decide what he wants to do with the rest of his life.

9. Naruto pardoned Sasuke

naruto uzumaki and sasuke uchiha

But before leaving the territory, Sasuke is awaited outside the village by his rival and best friend, Naruto.

The two main characters can then exchange a few words until Naruto hands an object to Sasuke. Eyes astonished to see the object in question in Naruto’s hands, Sasuke remembers the past and agrees with honor to retrieve symbolically his old headband from the hands of the one who saved him and brought him back to his senses.

Sasuke Headband Meaning

naruto gives back headband to sasuke

You wonder what this gesture means? Then know that this is an action that symbolizes the end of the Sasuke Retrieval Arc, an arc that began long time ago, in the middle of the manga Naruto.

Returning his headband to Sasuke is the official proof of Sasuke’s return to the Village, an act that Sasuke will repeat in the manga Boruto where he will symbolically offer this same headband to Naruto’s son who, like him at the time, was completely lost, in order to show him the way, in the same way that his best friend had reached out to him in the past. 

8. They share the title of Hokage

naruto sasuke hokage

Although this is not official information from the author of the manga, Masashi Kishimoto, many fans express their respect to the young Uchiha for his change of personality and go as far as to consider Sasuke the second Hokage in his own right.

Naruto himself refers to Sasuke as the “Shadow Hokage“, due to the fact that Sasuke supports him and protects the Village from the outside while he protects it from the inside.

This situation is a beautiful outcome that the author chose to represent in his sequel of the Naruto Series. A way for him to close the ugly tendency of the leaders of the Hidden Leaf village to fight each other about finding who really deserves the title of leader.

7. Naruto’s influence changed Sasuke

sasuke before and after

First very arrogant and only seeking to destroy all the bonds he had created, Sasuke Uchiha has changed a lot from the evil character that he was in the two first mangas of Masashi Kishimoto.

Feeling accepted by the village and being acknowledged by his eternal rival and best friend changed him into becoming the respectable ninja he is today.

Sasuke ensures now the security of Konohagakure, in the shadows, just like his older brother did at the time he joined the Akatsuki. Isn’t it a beautiful ending ?

6. Their powers complement each others

kyuubi-susanoo fusion

Because yes, we spent almost two whole mangas watching them beat each other up, but now we can finally see what happens when they join their strengths!

As explained in our point on the ancestors of the Uchiha and Uzumaki clans, the chakras of Naruto and Sasuke being respectively wind and fire, they are very compatible and this has been shown several times in the anime.

For example, we can quote the powerful Amaterasu Rasen Shuriken which is a combination of the Futon Rasen Shuriken with Enton that Naruto and Sasuke used against Ten-Tails during the Fourth Shinobi War 

amaterasu rasen shuriken

But what is the most symbolic is the fusion of the Kurama Mode of Naruto Uzumaki with the Susanoo of Sasuke Uchiha which creates the famous Kurama Susanoo armor mode. Here are two beautiful images to remind you how badass this thing is!

kurama susanoo armor mode

nine tails susanoo

5. They both married the girl that loved them from the beginning

sasuke and sakura and naruto and hinata

It was logical that the continuation of the adventures of the Shinobi world needed to give birth to a new generation, but to do so, Masashi Kishimoto had to decide once and for all who was going to end up with whom.

Personally, we find that the different choices the author of the manga made seem very logical to us. In order to stay on the logic with which he had concluded his previous manga, marrying Naruto to Hinata and marrying Sasuke to Sakura was undoubtedly a way to show his readers that it is the acts throughout a life that matter.

Naruto and Hinata

naruto and hinata

Hinata, for example, always had a deep admiration for Naruto since she first met him as a child. Their paths later crossed at the Ninja Academy where the two characters were part of the same volley, but it is especially in Naruto Shippuden that their relationship has profoundly evolved.

Naruto, returning from a two-year training session with his master Jiraiya, was still as self-confident about his ambitions as ever, an attitude that Hinata greatly appreciated due to his very shy nature.

Thus, it was not illogical to see the Byakugan Princess take example on Naruto and gain confidence in herself. We can cite for example the time when she was the only one to stand between Naruto and Pain to protect his crush. It was also during this intervention that she finally confessed her feelings to Naruto before being brutally stabbed by Pain. 

pain stabs hinata

Not to mention that it was Hinata who enabled Naruto to defeat Madara and Obito. While Obito had just destroyed Naruto’s ideals by murdering Shikaku Nara, Inoichi Yamanaka and Neji Hyuga before his eyes, Hinata slaps Naruto before our astonished eyes.

hinata slaps naruto

Hinata, who had just suffered the loss of her cousin whom she considered an older brother, expressed to Naruto all the confidence she had in him. Naruto’s words “I will never let my comrades die” were not empty words for her, but words that every ninja on the battlefield held in their hearts, words that bound their lives together.

If Naruto did lose faith in those words, it would mean that all the deaths until now will have been in vain, and this was what Naruto needed to hear. He wasn’t fighting for everyone, but all of them were fighting for everyone along side him.

naruto dead characters

With those words, Hinata saved Naruto’s spirit and this is why they were meant to be together.

Sasuke and Sakura

sasuke and sakura

In a similar vein, Sakura has always shown great affection for the handsome dark-haired boy of the Uchiha clan. However, Sasuke being what he was at the time, never met the expectations of the pink-haired Kunoichi.

Oddly enough, this never stopped her from continuing to love Sasuke to the point where it became almost a running gag for many fans, and we can understand them.

To show so much devotion for someone who didn’t respect her, neither as a teammate nor as a human being, and went as far as trying to assassinate her several times, it’s clearly because Masashi Kishimoto had decided from the beginning that these two characters were destined to end up together.

sasuke pokes sakura's forehead

Moreover, at the end of the manga Naruto Shippuden, Sasuke was in the midst of questioning his identity and we imagine that it was very beneficial for him to be able to count on Sakura to gradually resume the habit of feeling attachment to other characters. 

4. They both are terrible fathers

naruto bad father

It was to be expected, between never having had a real paternal figure and occupying functions that keep them away from their family most of the time, it was normal that the two protagonists wouldn’t become doting fathers

The role of a Hokage is to protect the village and its inhabitants in all circumstances, and this involves being present most of the time… at the office to read and sign documents. Not very glamorous, we agree.

However, Naruto takes his role as a leader very much to heart and always tries to do his best and give his 100% in the different commitments he decides to take on, even if it means neglecting his own family in a major way.

For his part, Sasuke is hardly ever present in the village and his daughter, Sarada Uchiha, spent most of her childhood without knowing her father.

It is only at the age of 12 years old that Sarada finally met Sasuke, in a situation where her father did not even recognize her. Come on Sasuke… But hey, Sasuke is what he is, and the road of atonement that he chose to follow is what allowed him to reaccept himself as an individual, so we can definitely forgive him this little goof.

sasuke bad father

On the other hand, we really can’t accept the fact that he wanted to take his 12 year old daughter on his back, thinking that it would please her. On that subject, he really could have made an effort…. 

3. Their children grew up idealizing the other father

boruto sarada adult

Going hand in hand with the previous point, the fact that Sarada and Boruto had to grow up with paternal figures that he and she did not accept logically aroused their admiration for the fonction of the opposite parent.

Indeed, the goal of Sarada, who greatly admires the devotion of the Seventh Hokage, is to one day wear the cloak and the headdress of the chief of the Hidden Leaf Village.

For Boruto, the fact that he had to endure the absence and neglect of his father throughout his childhood repressed in him the desire to follow the same path as Naruto and his grandfather.

After meeting Sarada’s father, Boruto fell in love and shown a great admiration for the Shinobi that protects the village in the shadows. That’s why he set himself the goal of becoming Sarada’s right hand man when she will become Hokage.

2. They both are models for Boruto

boruto vs kawaki

However, don’t think Boruto doesn’t love and respect his father, far from it. The Otsutsuki arc, the movie “Boruto: Naruto the Movie” and the arc back in the past have clearly shown us that Boruto has a lot of admiration for his father’s journey.

The strength and admiration that Naruto has shown throughout his Ninja adventure has left a strong impression on Boruto, not to mention that lots of similarities can be found between these two characters.

Nevertheless, Boruto’s heart goes out to the role of Sasuke Uchiha. The young ninja probably sees in Sarada’s father the image of a cool, dark and badass ninja with amazing powers that he hopes to become one day.

Personally, we really appreciate this decision taken by the author and look forward to finding out what the future holds!

1. Naruto is what protects Sasuke from turning evil again

sasuke evil

Last but not least, an important element of the plot of the Naruto Series to remember is the fact that the only thing preventing Sasuke from becoming an evil character again is the presence of Naruto himself.

Indeed, Naruto has always taken it upon himself to contain all the hatred and to protect the world from Sasuke’s evil acts. Therefore, in the event that Naruto perishes before Sasuke, we can imagine that this loss could bring back the Evil Sasuke that we know from Naruto Shippuden.

The “Curse of Hatred” of the Uchiha clan is real and if Naruto dies, nobody will be able to stop Sasuke who would thus become the most powerful Ninja of the Shinobi world without any rival.

0. (BONUS) They are two faces of the same coin

naruto sasuke arm

We decide to conclude this beautiful article on a symbolic point that is very important to us, the fact that Naruto and Sasuke are now one and the same entity.

Coming from the same ancestral lineage of Ninjas, with perfectly compatible chakra natures, sharing the title of Hokage and having symbolically lost each other opposite arm, Naruto and Sasuke have become the essence that what the Ninja world has to offer, their destiny linked together until the end, and their history engraved in our hearts forever.